Slack command

Instant results directly on Slack

How does it work ?

to simplify everyday’s life, we created a Slack app dedicated to profile search, skill search or intros.
A unique command for all of your researches :

/cowork your-research

Look into every informations of your circle, or filter the results by categories : Instant ID (profile informations), Cowork ID (skills & hobbies) or Data ID (companies and coworkers contacts for linking).

Your research are private and will only be visible by you.
If you encounter any problem or if you need help, you can contact us via:

/cowork help

Setup and first use

You are the admin of a circle

To install our plugin in your Slack workplace, go in the administration interface of your group, tab “Circles infos”, then click on the “add to slack” button.

If you want to be accompanied, do not hesitate to contact Simon.

Setup and first use

You are a user of a circle

If the plugin is installed in your Slack workplace, simply launch a first search with the command /cowork your-search then click on the setup link sent by the plugin. You just have to connect and validate the plugin connection to your slack profile to be able to do private search from any channel.

Setup and first use


The premise of is to keep most of the User Experience within Slack.

Stored Data
By design, has very little access to your team’s data: only access to the registration email adresses of your workspace. It cannot view a lot of information about your team: it cannot view any activities in any of the channels and it also does not have access to any of your files.
Unlike searches directly on the platform (, searches on Slack are not stored or tracked by our services. So you can enjoy completely anonymous searches with the /cowork command.
It only makes the connexion between the datas present on our database and your search, with a custom search fonction dedicate to Slack.

Analytics don’t uses any analytics tools on its Slack app.

Third Party Services
Some parts of run on OVH Services. Please refer to the OVH Privacy Policy for more details:

Advertising does not display any advertisements, and does not share any data with advertisers.

This privacy policy will evolve over time.